• Automatic Device Clean-up Rules in Intune

    Automatic Device Clean-up Rules in Intune allow organizations to automatically delete devices that are no longer being used or are not compliant with the organization’s policies. This feature helps organizations keep their device inventory up to date and maintain control over their devices. How Device Cleanup Rules work? Device Clean-up Rules in Intune operate by … Read more


  • Fix SCCM Update Deployment Error 0x80070070

    Error 0x80070070 can occur when deploying updates through System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) if there is not enough free space on the target device. Here are some steps you can try to troubleshoot and fix this error: If none of these steps fix the error, you may need to gather more information about the issue … Read more


  • Multiple Administrative Approval

    Multiple Administrative Approval, or MAA, is a feature in Microsoft Intune that allows an organization to set up a process for approving certain actions or requests within the Intune console. This feature is useful for organizations that need to have multiple levels of approval for certain actions, such as installing an application or making changes … Read more