Automatic Device Clean-up Rules in Intune

Automatic Device Clean-up Rules in Intune allow organizations to automatically delete devices that are no longer being used or are not compliant with the organization’s policies. This feature helps organizations keep their device inventory up to date and maintain control over their devices. How Device Cleanup Rules work? Device Clean-up Rules in Intune operate by … Read more

Fix SCCM Update Deployment Error 0x80070070

Error 0x80070070 can occur when deploying updates through System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) if there is not enough free space on the target device. Here are some steps you can try to troubleshoot and fix this error: If none of these steps fix the error, you may need to gather more information about the issue … Read more

Multiple Administrative Approval

Multiple Administrative Approval, or MAA, is a feature in Microsoft Intune that allows an organization to set up a process for approving certain actions or requests within the Intune console. This feature is useful for organizations that need to have multiple levels of approval for certain actions, such as installing an application or making changes … Read more

Creating and deploying application groups in SCCM

Application groups in System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) are collections of applications that are related to a specific business purpose or scenario. They can be used to simplify the process of deploying applications to users or devices by allowing you to deploy multiple applications at once, rather than deploying each application individually. In this article, … Read more

FIX KB5020276 Domain Join Hardening Changes using SCCM Task Sequence | CVE-2022-38042

Let’s check how to FIX KB5020276 Domain Join Hardening Changes CVE-2022-38042. You can use SCCM task sequence to fix this Active Directory Domain Services Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability. In this post we will discuss the changes introduced by CVE-2022-38042 in the October 11, 2022 cumulative update packages across all supported operating systems. These changes are enabled and secure by … Read more

Microsoft AutoPilot what is?

Windows Autopilot is a desktop provisioning tool native to Windows 10/11 that allows IT professionals to automate image deployment of new desktops with preset configurations. With Windows Autopilot, IT professionals can set new desktops to join pre-existing configuration groups and apply profiles to the desktops so new users can access fully functional desktops from their … Read more

The Difference between SCCM and Intune I Mobile Device Management

Managing and choosing mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) solutions for your company can be challenging. so SCCM and Intune With ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) on the rise, MDM plays a crucial role in controlling corporate data on devices by configuring accessibility policies and data security. Here, the eternal dilemma arises: Should … Read more

Vilken information kan min organisation se när du registrerar min mobil i företagsportalen?

Din organisation kan inte se din personliga information när du registrerar en enhet med Microsoft Intune. När du registrerar din enhet blir viss information, till exempel enhetsmodell och serienummer, synlig för IT-administratörer och supportpersoner med administratörsåtkomst. Den här artikeln beskriver allt som din organisation kan, och inte kan komma åt på en registrerad enhet och … Read more